Raspberry Mocha

I don't even like coffee or fancy hot beverages, but "Raspberry Mocha" was the first phrase that came to mind when I wore this outfit!

Blouse: Banana Republic (Goodwill) Cardigan: Banana Republic (Goodwill) Skirt: T.J. Maxx Tights: T.J. Maxx Boots: Style & Co. (Macy's)

Last weekend, I got a new pair of brown boots with heels that I adore! This is the first outfit I wore them with and I really liked it. Except, have you ever had an outfit that just doesn't photograph well and then it makes you question if you didn't actually look the way you thought you did? That's what happened with me and this tulip skirt. In the mirror, I thought it looked cute, but I'm not so sure in these photos.

Anyway, I am thinking my fall "uniform" with consist of a lot of tights and boots combos. By documenting my outfits more frequently, I'm learning which pieces I want to add to my wish list for Christmas. Currently, I am on the lookout for a quality white button-down top, different colored cardigans, patterned scarves, a black pencil skirt, and other patterned skirts that can go well with or without tights. I am hoping that I can find a lot of these things on Black Friday, which is less than a month away already!

I hope everyone had a good week. Mine was pretty crazy and I am swamped with grading, but my mom is in town and I am loving it!

What are YOU enjoying this fall?