School Spirit

Last week was Homecoming week, so each day I participated in Spirit Week. On Monday, we wore tie dye, Tuesday we wore pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness, Wednesday we dressed up, and Thursday we wore red and white. One of the difficulties of being a teacher and participating in spirit week is that we still have to abide by the dress code and be professional at all times. Luckily, my recent shopping trips at Goodwill (I went home last weekend and went twice!) have more than prepared me for this! Here's Thursday's outfit, featuring red and white:

Blouse: J. Crew (Goodwill) Cropped Pants: Dockers (Goodwill) Necklace: Flea Market Wedges: Aerosole (T.J. Maxx)

I don't have many cropped pants days left so I made sure to wear these red capris right away. I know I already own a pair of maroon dress pants, but I couldn't pass these up for $3.99.

 I also fell in love with this J.Crew top, even though it is one size bigger than I normally get. My mom convinced me that sometimes my tops don't have to be fitted. What do you think? I don't have any pictures of the back, but it actually buttons up, so it adds another touch to the already special design on the front.

I felt both professional, playful, and spirited in this outfit! I think each piece is fairly versatile and can mix in with other parts of my wardrobe.

What do you wear in the office, in school, at home to stay spirited?