Insta-Friday 10.19.12

Happy Friday everyone!!! I am so excited to say that I had a very successful ENTIRE week of school! The kids were very good every day this week and I didn't have any major problems. Yay for progress! Today I have an inservice day, so hopefully I didn't just jinx myself, but I'm sure it will go well, too.

Isn't snail mail the BEST? This past week I received two letters from my favorite people, Will and Ali! Love and miss you both. Thanks for brightening my days and for being such amazing friends.

Does this freak anyone else out? I can't believe it! I am SO EXCITED! But part of me realizes that I am probably going to be hit hard with loneliness this holiday season because it will be the first time I only have a short break to be home with my family. I worry that I won't get to soak up all of the holiday traditions like decorating before Christmas and getting excited because I won't be home until right before. But you can bet I'll be blasting Christmas music and being obnoxious at home and at school!

Every morning I go to school, it gets darker and darker. It certainly makes getting up in the morning a lot more difficult!

Last night, we had our homecoming parade through town! I volunteered to help with the line up, so I had to wear a very attractive neon orange vest and direct traffic (not that I had any clue where things should go!). But it ended up being a really great time and the rain held off. This year's theme was decades, so in this picture, the juniors are hilariously representing the 1930s!

And the seniors showed their love for the '80s!

Finally, we wrapped up the evening with a quick bonfire. It was a nice night and I enjoyed spending time with my coworkers acting like crazy people.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend! (Wow, I didn't even mean to make that all alliterative...oops.)

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