Periwinkle and Tweed

When I think of fall, I guess my thoughts don't directly think of a periwinkle/tweed combination. I usually gravitate toward red and brown or tan. But when I put together this outfit, I couldn't believe I never put the two together before! I picked up a thread of blue within the tweed and ran with it.

Blouse: Gap Skirt: LOFT (Goodwill) Belt: Forever 21 Tights: T.J. Maxx

(Sorry for the photo quality...these were obviously taken inside and not quite as good as my outdoor photos!)

I really love this outfit for fall. It was dressy enough for work, comfortable enough for a long day, and warm enough for a chilly day. It was a nice change to pair a pencil skirt with a blouse that wasn't a button up or cardigan, too.

What are you wearing this fall to stay warm? Have you tried other colored tights in the work place? If so, what have you tried and what has been the reaction?

Have a great day everyone! I have a Homecoming parade to help out at tonight and I'm really looking forward to seeing my students' floats!