Insta-Friday 10.5.12 + Homecoming!

I'm sorry, but how freaking gorgeous is this? I had the wonderful opportunity to head back to my alma mater, Westminster College, for my first Homecoming as an alumna last weekend and THIS is what I woke up to. I had been looking forward to this weekend for MONTHS and it came and went by so quickly. I am so glad I had this chance to see my friends, family, and HOME, even for such a brief amount of time.

I arrived late Friday night and spent the night with two of my sorority sisters (and members of my Greek family) in the old room I used to live in with Ali junior year. It was seriously so amazing to see everyone and we had a great time laughing. When we woke up early for the parade the next morning, we were greeted by a gorgeous day.

If you weren't convinced by my review of the Camera+ app yesterday, I hope you are now. Seriously, these pictures are miles better than any I could have taken simply with Instagram alone. (No hate toward my beloved IG, but Camera+ makes it even better!) Here's a picture of the marching band in the dinky little Homecoming parade. It was really weird not to be marching alongside them.

See? Pretty, isn't it? (That's my Little playing sax!)

At half time, I participated in Alumni Band and played a few tunes with the current marching students. I hadn't played my clarinet since November last year, so it felt great to play again. Unfortunately, when I opened my case that morning (mind you, I hadn't touched it since last year...), I noticed that my thumb rest was completely snapped off, so I had to use a school clarinet. Oops.

At the game, I mingled with tons of people and had a wonderful time. Afterward, I went to dinner with a few friends and then headed to the Alumni Jazz Band concert, in which several of my close friends and Aaron were playing. It was phenomenal. It amazes me that they can just practice for an hour and perform with such skill. It made me really miss all of the music in my life.

Mostly, though, I miss watching Aaron play. He just lights up when he is playing his sax and I forgot how great it is to see him so happy. And he sounded great! So proud of him :) (sorry this picture is grainy)

The rest of the evening was spent at my favorite fraternity house where I was exhausted even before I arrived :P I definitely felt old. But it was a good night and I am really glad I went.

When I left in the morning, I started crying on my way home. Not only was this an amazing weekend, but it was an emotional one, too. So many mixed feelings ran through my mind during those few days and it was hard to take. I'm torn between missing the feeling of absolute comfort and confidence in myself and being around others I truly love and the feeling of needing to move on. I choked up thinking about how I am nowhere near the people I care about most and that I will no longer have those collegiate memories that were guaranteed to happen. I am struggling so much with this new life--this new chapter--that I simply don't know what to do. I got to spend a few hours with my amazing parents and that just added to my sick stomach. I don't feel like I belong anywhere right now and it is difficult to face...

Regardless, though, I am so glad that I went.

I hope everyone had incredible weeks!

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