My Top 6 iPhone Apps

Ever since I got my iPhone this past summer, I have taken advantage of the many wonderful apps Apple offers. Besides the ever useful Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter apps, I thought I would share my top 6 apps right now. Each of these are practical for every day use, which I really like. Most of them are free or under $2!  


I just got this $.99 app last week and I am SO glad I did. My friend was posting fabulous pictures on Instagram and I asked him what he used since his filters and editing were brilliant. He recommended Camera+ and I downloaded it instantly. I don't normally spend money on apps, but this was worth the dollar. Tomorrow, I'll show you some of the great pictures I took at Homecoming this past weekend so you can see the results yourself! There are many extra camera features like a stabilizer, self-timer, and "burst" setting for rapid picture-taking. Also, you can crop, adjust, and add effects and borders to make your photos come to life. In fact, I preferred using my phone for photos this weekend over my regular digital camera!



If you are familiar with Quicken or any other personal finance software, you may have heard of Mint. It's a website and a FREE app where you can keep track of all of your transactions and create a budget that works for you. It will alert you when you go over budget or when you have a bill due. Mint also gives tips and suggestions based on your savings goals and lifestyle. I highly recommend it for anyone with savings goals.




Ever been in the store and find something you like but want to make sure you can't get a better price elsewhere? Or maybe you're at Goodwill and you find an item with the original tags and you want to see what kind of deal you're getting? Download this FREE app and you'll never have to wonder. I find myself scanning bar codes to read reviews on various products and to compare prices. It's not perfect, but it is certainly useful in many shopping situations.



5K Runner

I only have the free version of this right now, but I will be upgrading to the full version soon. I have always wanted to improve my running (which is nonexistent, by the way), but I had to start from the very beginning. So far I've only completed a week and a half, but the interval training is perfect for beginning runners and it allows you to listen to your music and run without staring at your phone wondering how long you have to go before you can walk again. A voice comes over your music when it's time to run or walk and it gives you time to warm up and cool down. The workouts are relatively short and realistic. So far, I've had a nice time exploring my new neighborhood while using this app.


My Fitness Pal

This is probably the easier diet/food tracker out there that holds you accountable. It's easy to plug in what you've eaten and how much exercise you've had each day and it helps you reach your individual goals. There's also a website version online that automatically syncs with the app so you won't miss a beat. I was really consistent with this app over the summer and I need to get started with it again!





I absolutely love this $1.99 app. The concept behind this app is to use various types of frequencies to stimulate your brain to reach different states of mind, while playing calming music or nature sounds. Whether you believe that the wavelengths are actually soothing your brain to reach a particular mood or not, I would still recommend this app for relaxation. Even if it's just a placebo, it works! I love to use this app when I need to take a power nap because the ambience is calming and helps me let go of whatever is on my mind so I can rest. It is recommended that you use headphones while playing this app, but I think that's still worth it.


So there you have it! What are your favorite apps of the moment?