Teacher Tuesdays 9.18.12

Happy Teacher Tuesday, everyone! I hope you are having a good start to your week. I know that I am itching for the weekend to get here already! But since we have to wait, we might as well share some good content! I thought it might be fun to show you some awesome book covers I found maybe a year or so ago that I thought were brilliant. They were created by and shared by Sarah Enni and Tracey Neithercott. Check them out:

 And my personal favorites:

You can get them printed on 11 x 17 inch tabloid paper and it should fit most YA books! Click the pictures to go to the post to download them!

I felt so inspired that I created my own FREE printable book covers to share with all of you.

Download the pdf Flipside

Download the pdf Hashtag

Enjoy! Now, let's see what you teacher creatures are up to this week! Link up your teacher outfits, crafts, lesson plans, ideas, and printables!

Want to participate in Teacher Tuesday? Here's how!

1. Write a post about something educational or teacher-y. I would love to see your teacher crafts, outfits, lesson plans, ideas, and strategies!

2. Copy and paste that link into the box below, add your information, and submit. Make sure the link is directly to your specific post, not just your blog!

3. Copy the html from the Teacher Tuesday button and paste it into your original post or on your blog where it can be seen!

4. Visit other participants and learn something new!

Hope you decide to join in!

The Modern Austen


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