HP Ultrabook Bag Contest--Where Fashion Meets Technology

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Is there anything better than fashion that is both beautiful AND functional? YES! Throw in technology and you've got the perfect twenty-first century combination for the Modern Austen in YOU.

I'm talking about super cute e-reader skins, practical and stylish laptop cases, and trendy smartphone wristlets.

Or what if we started to take this concept even further? Can you imagine Bluetooth earrings? Or headphone hoodies? Personally, I'd love to see fashionable "smart" watches. What do you think?

But in the meantime, let's stick with the really practical, everyday, fashionable technology pieces that we actually use. I really like that you can showcase your style through something other than your clothes and regular accessories.

With the portability of most technology today, I think it's important to have the right case or bag to protect your smart items while traveling or using. I currently have a laptop case, but I am looking into investing in a nice laptop bag.

I was recently introduced to a new line of laptop bags created by HP: the HP Spectre XT Ultrabook™, the HP ENVY Ultrabook™, and the HP Envy4t Ultrabook™, all inspired by Intel.

What I love most about these laptop bags are the fabulous designs, created by Mondo Guerra, the winner of Project Runway All Stars!  Check them out:

I think the colors are great for ALL seasons and I love the sleek design of each. I like the Mondo included chevron since that is such a popular print these days, but he used it in a unique way.

Want to know something exciting? HP is having a CONTEST to vote for a NEW laptop bag design. There are currently 40 options to choose from and they want to hear from YOU.

I voted for my favorite! Cast your vote here and help HP decide which bag is best! Post a comment below to share which one you liked the most.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.