My Classroom

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Tomorrow I start my teaching career. I can't believe that I've worked my whole life to reach this point and now it's here. I've known I wanted to be a teacher since first grade and I've made it...It's surreal. I am very nervous and excited and unsure of what to expect or how my students will receive me. I am really looking forward to teaching seniors and helping them achieve their goals for post-graduation. Maybe...just maybe...I can convince some of them to go to my alma mater :) (tee hee!)

At this point, I'm probably tearing my  closet apart trying to decide what to wear and writing lesson plans and trying to relax as best as I can, but I wanted to share some pictures of my classroom with all of you. Keep in mind that these were taken on an iPhone (sorry!), so the quality isn't great. AND I don't have very many resources to make it look the way I want it just yet (very little posters and pictures...), but it's mine and it is a great space.


As you can see, especially from the last picture, I have lots of room for improvement! But stayed tuned for tomorrow's Teacher Tuesday...I have a great surprise for you teachers out there!


Have a great day off!