Saturday Style: Harry Potter

Last week's Saturday Style was all about STRIPES! I loved seeing some participation and I hope you'll join in this week! Check out Amy's sets and how she incorporated stripes in two unique ways:


Classic stripes


And Beth from Bethie Goes to Dover (and my lovely guest poster two weeks ago!) chose a dressier style with this gorgeous classic dress:


Black Stripes.

Man, you guys have awesome taste. Seriously.

But I'm particularly excited about this week's theme. If you know ANYTHING about today's date, September 1st, then you won't be surprised why I chose Harry Potter! (and if you don't know why, pick up the first book and then we'll talk :P)

While it would be easy to get caught up in the costumey feel of Harry Potter, as I did for A Night at Hogwarts here . . .

. . . let's try to create wearable outfits that are simply INSPIRED by Harry, shall we? :) Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Join us! Grab a button and show off your new set:

The Modern Austen