Sponsor Spotlight: August

This past month I began using Passionfruit for advertising on The Modern Austen and I am REALLY happy about it because it's led me to so many amazing blogs and opportunities to talk to and collaborate with such great people. That's why I feel so compelled to highlight my amazing August sponsors. I've explored each of their blogs and have found some really great content and such fun features, not to mention beautiful women both inside and out. Please take a moment to say hello to each of them! They deserve it. Blogging is all about supporting one another as we go through life :)

First up is Michele from short girl, long island. There are many things I enjoy about Michele's blog, but what I'm MOST excited for is her new post series entitled Teach Me Something Thursday where YOU can get involved and teach Michele's readers something--anything! Read more about it here:

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My name is Michele, and I run the blog short girl, long island. I'm just shy of 5 feet tall + I live on Long Island, hence the name of my humble blog. sgli has a littlle bit of everything: crafting, recipes, tutorials, music, fashion, + life in general. I love meeting new readers + bloggers, so come by + say hi! :)
Next we have Natasha from Happy Chaos! I LOVE little kids so it is always so much fun to see Natasha's kiddos having fun every day, like this post about a recent art class her toddlers took. So cute.

My blog, Happy Chaos is where I share the daily adventures of raising my twins, Marco and Olivia. Playdates, outings, a little style thrown in. 

On to Courtney from Chase All Your Dreams. It's inspiring to see Courtney follow her dreams on her blog! She posts about lots of topics, which is why she just received a Versatile Blogger award. I particularly enjoyed this post about her trip to Maine because I love to travel:
Hi! I'm Courtney and I live in the Big Apple. Chase All Your Dreams is where I talk about my life as a college student, my thoughts and opinions, things that are going on in my life, things that I like, and whatever else pops into my head. So come on over and say hi! 
 Now, here's Emily from Oh Hello, Love! Emily's blog is always a treat to visit because she has SUCH great style and taste. She has directed me to some really cool blogs and things I never even knew about before. I'm also a sap for a great romance and just recently she shared her love story. Go on, read it. You know you want to!
Oh, hi! I'm Emily from Oh Hello, Love! Mostly I blog about my life, which usually includes little stories and photos and thoughts and blog designs and sometimes recipes from my husband. I like to imagine my blog as my living room, where we sit, drink coffee and chat a bunch about life. So come by and chat, no? 
My next sponsor is Ditte from My Dodo Diary. Ditte's blog is quirky and fun and has a little bit of everything, which is so great. Did I mention I love traveling? Because how FUN is this post? I felt like I was traveling with her the whole time:
My name is Ditte, 25 years old. I am in a special period of my life because I have just finished my education (as an animator) and now I need to find a job. I probably won't find one in my homeland, Denmark, so I will be blogging a lot about travelling (probably) and about everything I love; Animals, cake dekoration, craft and that kind of stuff. I love taking pictures. Mainly of my pets. One guinea pig and two budgies. Of cause I will also show some animation and some illustrations I make.
Next we have Kristen from The Wright Stuff! Kristen has wonderful taste and I particularly enjoyed this post where she co-hosted a link party that highlighted some really cute camp-inspired outfits!
 Check out Kristen's group giveaway that I am a part of here!
Finally, my last lovely sponsor is Jennifer from Jennifer Alison Designs! I wish I had half as much talent as she does. I hope that when I get married some day I remember to go to her for my wedding monogram. Look how amazing these are!
Hi there! My name is Jenn and I blog over at Jennifer Alison Designs. I am 30 years old, from  San Diego, California. I'm a Registered Nurse, police wife, and new mom to Makayla Jo. I'm also passionate about graphic design and photography.My blog started in 2008 as a graphic design blog for wedding monograms, invitations, save the dates, etc. It has since evolved into life as a new mom. I have also recently started making baby accessories, including headbands and petti rompers, and still do wedding designs as well as graphic design work  including business logos mainly for photographers and other small businesses, as well as custom blog design, blog headers, etc.
So there you have it! Check out these fabulous women right now and tell them how great they are ;) But seriously, I highly recommend these ladies to add to your RSS feed! Thanks for your support this past month!