Insta-Friday 8.31.12 + THE MOVE!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Today on Insta-FridayI thought it would be an appropriate time to tell you about my move since all of  my pictures revolve around that!

On Friday night, I laid on the floor of my empty bedroom and watched my childhood dance across the ceiling. It was heartbreaking knowing that that was it. Sure, my house would always be my home, but from that point on, everything would change. I wouldn't be moving back home unless something tragic happened, like if I lost my job, and I wasn't planning on doing that. It was time to face the inevitable, even if I wasn't ready to.

It was an emotional night, but not nearly as emotional as the next two days.

Saturday was moving day! With the incredible help of my brother Justin, my aunt Joni and Uncle Carlo, and my wonderful parents, we were able to fit all of THIS...

Into this! We rented a 14' truck and we are really glad we did.

Thanks to my dad and uncle's great packing skills, we were able to fit everything (amazingly) into the van, with a few fragile items in my car. Thank you again, family, for all of your hard work and help.

Three hours and two stops later, my parents and I made it to my new apartment! With the help of a friendly neighbor, we were able to unload everything pretty painlessly. We worked our butts off for hours, went out to eat, fell asleep, and worked hard again.

During this time, I felt overwhelmed off and on. There were a few moments when I got upset and broke down once or twice. Mostly, I kept busy and tried not to think of my parents driving away later that afternoon.

Due to the college move-in day happening nearby, our trip to Target was a disaster. Everything was stressful and rushed because my parents needed to get on the road. This only added to my worries and made me more upset than I already was.

When it came time for my parents to leave, I sobbed like a little baby. They have been the most supportive and loving parents I could ever ask for and I wouldn't be here without them. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. I love you so much!


When my parents left, I plowed through the rest of my boxes and cleaned until nighttime. Keeping busy made it easier to move on. As you can see in the photos, my place is small (and the kitchen cabinets are uber ugly!) but just right for me at this time. I'm really glad I have my home couches (sorry M&D!) and my own craft/office space.

If you remember my pinterest post last week, you'll recognize this shower curtain! I ended up "splurging" for this Kate Spade shower curtain from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I am SO glad I did. This is probably my favorite purchase for the apartment and it really brightens up the space. I love stripes and I love the colors! If you interested in purchasing, make sure you check online first if your store has it because it goes out-of-stock frequently!

This isn't Instagram-ed, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I think one of the biggest reasons this transition has been fairly smooth is because Aaron came and visited me the very next day! I was SOOO excited to see him and it was absolutely wonderful finally showing him my new town and apartment. He loved the area, especially the cute antique stores and the lovely park. We had a blast playing "grown-up" and exploring the town together. The visit was so perfect that it made me feel a lot better about our long-distance situation. I know that it won't be that nice all of the time, but it was the perfect medicine for my anxiety.

Since then, everything has been SCHOOL. SCHOOL. SCHOOL. I've spent hours each day at school trying to get my room together and my planning done. I don't feel like I've made much progress, unfortunately, but it will come together eventually.

Here's the first bulletin board I created today. I'm really happy with it because it's very applicable to my students and it stands out from the other side of the classroom.

School starts on TUESDAY! If I'm nonexistent in the next few weeks, you'll know why :)

 What have you been up to this past week? Have you entered the group giveaway yet?!

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