You know you're becoming an "adult" when...

I'm thinking I need to start a blog post series solely for those "You know you're becoming an 'adult' when..." moments because there seem to be a lot of them recently!

Like this morning. You know I'm being FORCED to be an "adult" when on the first morning I don't have to wake up before seven, the smoke detector in my new bedroom decides its batteries are low and begins chirping every minute  starting at 6:30 AND I can't get it to stop because the detector doesn't screw off the base nor turn to the "off" side. I've tried looking up different things to do online and I can't seem to do it. UGH. Guess I will be making a call to my landlord at a more decent hour...forget sleeping in I suppose!

Another moment of inevitable adulthood was when my parents drove away in the moving van on Sunday. I was bawling my eyes out and I suddenly felt like a two-year-old all over again who wants her mommy and daddy. I'm thinking that even adults have those moments when they just want to give up control to the ones who raised them right. 

Have you ever had those moments? Those reality-slaps-in-your-face that tell you life is going too quickly, that it can be both exciting and frustrating to be an adult, that sometimes you just want to face palm yourself? Share them with me below so I don't feel alone :)