Insta-Friday 8.24.12

This past week has been absolutely crazy. I'm moving TOMORROW and I've been running around like crazy trying to get my life packed up in boxes AND I was in my new town for three days of in-service. It has all been very overwhelming and stressful, but I look forward to feeling more comfortable and in control in the next few weeks (hopefully).

To say I journaled growing up would be an understatement, as I rediscovered while cleaning out my closet. Do you ever reread your journals? Isn't it the most enlightening, and sometimes hilarious, thing ever? I love transporting myself back into those memories, while at the same time reflecting on how far I've come since. It's funny reading how dramatic I was about boys ("I can't believe he knows I like him!!!!! This is the WORST thing ever!") and also sad to see certain people flow in and out of my life. I am grateful to have written things down and hope to continue that tradition for the rest of my life.

Are there certain things you always hold on to, no matter what? In my keepsakes box, I found this: a small balloon on a stick, given to me when I broke my collarbone. IN KINDERGARTEN! I'm talking SEVENTEEN years ago! It amazes me that every time I find it, it's still inflated just as it was. But it's important to me because I received it from my neighbors/best friends who moved away not long after the injury. What do you hold on to?

Yes, that's a candy dispenser. And YES, I did buy it at Goodwill for my classroom! Call me crazy, but I think this might make me the coolest teacher ever. Just kidding. But really, this goofy thing was clearly handmade and it's hilarious.

As I mentioned above, I took a trip to my new town for three days for in-service days and teacher induction. On the way, I lost it. I began crying, every song on my iPod triggering a new memory. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I MISS COLLEGE. So much. I never thought I'd be "that girl" who writes all over her Twitter and Facebook about how much she misses everything, but I am that girl. My heart is broken, thinking about the people I miss and the memories I loved, and the comfort of the bubble that surrounded me. I was comfortable, confident, and so sure of who I was; and now here I am: lost and starting all over. I understand that in order for me to grow I have to put myself out of my comfort zone and I am unbelievably grateful for this opportunity and know it will serve me well, but in that moment, I was a scared young woman clinging to the people and places I love most.

Since I came back to my house, I've been packing like a fiend! Yesterday, we moved my big items to my garage, preparing for packing the U-Haul tomorrow. My parents graciously allowed me to take our couches (and they will purchase new ones). Here's my family room, feeling very empty without them.

I hope everyone had a good week. Mine has been very emotional and I have a feeling that won't go away for some time...Here's to my last day at home.

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