Home Decor: Pinterest Picks of the Day

I hope you all had a chance to check out Teacher Tuesday this past week where I featured the lovely Beth from Bethie Goes to Dover! If you haven't visited her to say hi yet, please do so :) I've been away without internet for the past few days preparing for school, so I was grateful for Beth so willingly filling in! As you all probably know, I'm moving out on my own ON SATURDAY; as a result, I have been scouring the internet/pinterest for home decor and organization ideas.

I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite home decor pins that I hope to incorporate in my new apartment or in my future home some day. Feel free to pin away!



I am in love with gray and yellow right now and the pair is even better when it involves chevron.


Wouldn't you just die to have a craft space like this? There are so many incredible craft rooms out there and I wish I was lucky enough to have one! We'll see...;)


I am seriously contemplating purchasing this Kate Spade shower curtain at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. What do you think? I think it's really fresh and clean.


Source: bhg.com via Marissa on Pinterest


I think the colors in this room are so lovely.


Who wouldn't want a book nook?! I've always wanted a window seat space to read and relax.

Source: google.com via Marissa on Pinterest


I don't have a closet by any of my entrances to the apartment, so I'll need a nice coat rack area. I like this one because it both functional and beautiful.

And that's it for now! Which one is your favorite? Do you have any pins to share?