Disney Princess Inspired Outfits Series! Week Twelve: Rapunzel

This is it! The LAST Disney Princess Inspired Outfit in the series! I am sure we could feature other fabulous Disney women (such as the redhead from Brave), but I think I need to move on to something new. I don't know I managed this, but I am CRAZY about this outfit and think it is my very best to date. I would wear every piece of this outfit (except maybe the hair piece because it's a little too whimsical for me).

Rapunzel from Tangled
I kept the shoes a nude color knowing that Rapunzel walks around in her bare feet ;) But this dress is just stunning in my opinion. LOVE the color and the style.
What do you think of this outfit?
And nowwww I need your help! Any thoughts on a new post series? Harry Potter? Jane Austen? New trends? Something else?