DIY: Radio Cabinet to TV Stand

If you read the post titled "American Pickers," you are aware that I've been "restoring" an old Radio Cabinet that my Dad and I found (FOR FREE) at an estate sale early this summer. Well, today is the reveal! I am so excited to show you what it looks like now. Huge thanks to my Dad for making this my favorite piece in my new apartment! So if you recall, here is the before:

Do you see how poorly the previous owners treated this beautiful thing?? So sad. There were stickers and marker all over it and the shutters/louvers were broken on the right side. We knew we had a big task ahead of us, but it only took us 2 seconds to decide it was worth it since it was FREE.

Our first step was to clean everything. We were able to peel off all of the stickers and get rid of all of the dirt, thank goodness. Next, we sanded it. We decided to sand down the entire top since it was covered in marker and bumps. The other pieces we merely "scratched the surface" (sorry, had to) so that we could paint over it with the same color. Then, we primed the spots that had chipped off or had been replaced. For example, in the picture on the right, you'll see some of the louvers painted white. My dad ended up replacing the broken louvers with brand new ones. This was a lot easier than trying to fix the old ones and it made a huge difference.

After all of that, we painted over it with a semi-gloss Pro-Classic paint that we had color-matched from Sherwin Williams. It took a few coats, especially over the primed areas, but we finally made it work. I glued new felt on the top piece (so that the lid wouldn't stick to the cabinet), we drilled a bigger hole for cords, and we called it a day!

Here's the after:

Isn't it beautiful?? I'm SO excited to use it in my new apartment as the focal point of my living room. We plan on putting my DVD player on the inside so that the disc tray can come out of the opening. With paint and supplies, I ended up spending around $25 to complete this project.

Here's the before and after just to compare:

Pretty good, huh?

Have you tackled any furniture restorations or changes recently? I'd love to see some pictures!

I'm almost done painting an IKEA chest that I found at a garage sale for around $8. Here's the before:

Stay tuned to see the results!

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