DIY: Magnetic Message Cabinet with Chalkboard

Everyone has craft fails from time to time. Or maybe just me. But we can all relate to the frustration that comes after spending hours (not to mention hard-earned money) on a project, only to have it fall apart or not go according to plan. But, every once in awhile, a craft fail can be saved. In this case, my craft fail was mostly recovered, but it certainly didn't turn out the way I had expected.

Originally, I had this brilliant plan to create a magnetic makeup board (like the millions we've seen on Pinterest) and put it inside a box (like cabinet) that could be hung on a wall. That way, my makeup would be hidden away and the front of the cabinet could have an awesome chalkboard on it to write notes. Cute, right?

Well, as I went along, I didn't want to invest in strong metal so it wasn't as magnetic as I had hoped. Not to mention, I cut myself on the metal twice AND with a pair of scissors. Oh, and the box was heavier than I had ever hoped. But alas, I did what I could and I think it turned out pretty cute. Instead of hanging my makeup up, however, it has now morphed into a message cabinet of sorts, where I can store mail, keys, notes, and pictures. Meh. It'll do.

But really--the concept is very cute and can be adapted to suite whatever your need is! Here's how I did it:

It all started with this silverware holder that I found at Goodwill (of course). I actually had the idea in my head before that, so I couldn't pass it up for $1.99 (plus my college discount...shhh). I gutted it out and sanded it. I should've known a craft fail was ahead when the front piece fell off at this point...

Next, I painted the entire box this beautiful shade of yellow (Martha Stewart). Next, I measured and cut a piece of metal from Home Depot (make sure you test it to see if it is magnetic. You can find this near the duct work section.) to fit the inside of the box. I cut one big piece for the back of the cabinet and three smaller pieces for the back of the door. (I would've cut two big pieces but I didn't have a large enough sheet of metal...again another craft fail waiting to happen!) Make sure you cut it a little smaller than the size of the box to allow for the fabric.

Once you've cut your metal (I used tin cutters), make sure you cover the edges with duct tape! Be very careful; you can easily cut yourself. Keep in mind that the tape may be seen through your fabric so make your tape edges small or choose a darker fabric.

After that, I cut my fabric and covered my metal. For the big piece, I used spray adhesive, but I soon realized that it is much easier to secure it using duct tape. Yes, I know, the lazy approach, but then you can make adjustments as needed.

After that, I hot glued my metal pieces into the cabinet. I did not have to glue the big piece because the fit was so perfect. However, if you choose to create smaller sections like I did on the left, you will need to secure them using hot glue.

Next, I traced and cut out a design on chalkboard adhesive paper. I cut it out and applied it to the front of my cabinet. This was a much better alternative to chalkboard paint since I only had to cover a small area. Plus, now I can use the rest of the roll for other projects!

By this point, I had tried out my makeup magnets and they were just not strong enough. I realized that instead of having to glue magnets on every piece of makeup, I should just give in to the inevitable! Then I realized I could turn it into  a message cabinet.

I started decorating it with some magnetic poetry, pictures, and notes.

I added some hooks, a mail holder, and a box and Ta-Da! I had my Message Cabinet!

I will attach this to the wall by my door and hopefully use it as a central place to store these items.

So there you have it! I would LOVE to see your variations on this project, should you be inspired by my craft fail! If anyone successfully manages to create a magnetic makeup cabinet, I tip my hat to you (and I'll secretly wish I had patented the idea).

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