Insta-Friday 8.3.12

I can't believe it is August already! I have some major thoughts to share, but that is for another post or two... For now, we'll take it easy and share my Instagram photos of the week.

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After several weeks of storms and torrential downpours, it was nice to finally bask in the sun. For the first time in a long while, I looked forward to taking the campers to the pool. (That didn't last long.)

With great hesitation, I decided I had to read 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James, mostly because I was curious and felt that as an English teacher, I would most likely be approached about this novel. A few of my friends had read it previously and warned me of its writing quality and content, so I was very apprehensive going into it. I ended up devouring it in two days, BUT stay tuned to see what I thought about it...

I was really craving a sweet treat, but there wasn't much around the house. I decided to actually use my Pinterest and make a Nutella Milkshake! It was delicious! The recipe I had pinned called for frozen yogurt, but we only had vanilla ice cream and it was just fine. Just add some milk and a spoonful of Nutella and blend away. I'm thinking there will be some variations of this down the road. Any thoughts?

Packing my entire life into boxes is a lengthy process. Here's a glimpse of the pile we've started in our garage. This is without any of the stuff in my bedroom. I might have a problem...Oops :)

And of course, all of this moving business has made me extra excited about home decor and organization. I enjoyed circling everything I loved. (Can you see the star next to that striped throw? So cute.) All of you Ikea-lovers out there, what are you craving from the latest magazine?

I've seen a lot of weird and ugly and gross things at Goodwill, but this definitely takes the cake as creepiest. It's been hanging there for several weeks now and I don't think it will leave any time soon...perhaps in October it will find a home on someone's wall. Until then...

I finally finished my LAST week of summer playcamp FOREVER! I decided to quit early to focus all of my attention on my "big girl job." Anyway, I chose the BEST day to finish out my four years as a camp counselor. We planned our first ever overnight stay, aptly titled "A Night at Hogwarts."

This was like my childhood fantasy and I'm pretty sure I had more fun than the kids did. We played quidditch, went to Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions classes, found the Sorcerer's Stone, helped Ron find Scabbers, defeated dementors, located the seven horcruxes, took a trip to Ollivander's, participated in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and competed in a house cup. It was a great time, even though I didn't sleep and am definitely feeling the after effects today.

Here I am dressed as Professor Trelawney! It's kind of humorous because I'd definitely wear all of these items separately, but together they make me look pretty homely and hilarious. (I actually wore this ensemble to a fraternity house for a mixer; hot, right?)

As great as the evening was, it didn't give me the opportunity to give the kids a proper goodbye. I have loved spending time with these beautiful children and will miss them desperately. They have made me smile on days when I cried behind my sunglasses, laugh until my belly ached, and act goofy even when I didn't have the energy. While they have been challenging at times, the kids will forever remain in my heart.

So that was my week! How was yours?

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