Today I am Twenty-Two

Today is my 22nd birthday!

I am a mix of emotions today, but mostly exhausted, to be completely honest.

People often say they don't feel any different when they celebrate their birthday. Waking up that morning feels like any other morning. And I do feel that way. I don't feel like I'm different than I was only 24 hours ago. But to me, there's something about claiming my age, twenty-two years old, that does feel different. It feels like trying on a pair of shoes for the first time. Stiff, uncertain about how it will fit, snug, exciting, shiny and new. 

I guess it feels different because this will be the most crucial year of my entire life up to this point. Everything will change. It's not the kind of change that happened last year when I turned 21 and could--gasp--legally drink. Yes, that was an exciting time and I DID experience a lot of change over the past year, but this is big girl stuff I'm about to face. I don't know what's in store, but I hope that my 22nd year of life is filled with joys and challenges that will shape me into the woman I'm supposed to be.

In celebration of this day, I thought it would only be appropriate if I shared twenty-two things that I am grateful for and that have given me such joy over my lifetime thus far.

I am grateful for...

  1. My family--especially my parents. They have given me the gift of education; I am only beginning to scratch the surface of what this gift really means. I can't thank them enough. For everything.
  2. My boyfriend, Aaron. This morning, he drove to my house at 6 a.m. and woke me up with breakfast he cooked himself, spending time with me before work. He is the light of my life and I could not imagine this next year without him.
  3. My Kappa Delta sisters
  4. My friends. The true friends that have stuck around and showed me how much they care. I know I am guilty of neglecting and taking advantage of the amazing friendships I have from time to time, but these true friends are always there no matter what.
  5. The knowledge, experience, and fun that blogging has brought me the past few months
  6. The crafting and sewing gene that was passed on to me from my Grandma
  7. Discovering new hobbies and enjoyment in life
  8. My incredible college experience. I wouldn't change a thing.
  9. Supportive mentors
  10. Goodwill. (See why here)
  11. Pinterest
  12. Nsync, Sara Bareilles, and Michael Buble
  13. Choosing to teach English and getting to read and write and discuss life
  14. God's amazing work in my life
  15. Securing a teaching job in PA my first year out of college
  16. Traveling
  17. Memories--the ability to capture moments in time and the ability to recall them
  18. Time to read
  19. Opportunities that fall into my lap
  20. Nutella
  21. Coupons
  22. Starting off my 22nd year on a fantastic foot

Here's to a year of happiness, hope, changes, excitement, and more. Thanks to those who have supported me and The Modern Austen the past few months. You truly mean a lot to me!