Disney Princess Inspired Outfits Series! Week 7: Snow White


When I made these outfits on Polyvore way back when, I can't believe I completely forgot about Snow White! I mean, she's one of THE original! It'd be a little more understandable if I didn't remember Giselle or Tiana...but anyway, I am particularly excited about this one because I've included a day AND night look! I just couldn't settle on one dress!

Snow White
There's something great about the primary colors, isn't there? While the three put together can come off as a bit "clownish," I think Snow White shows us that it can be done with class!
I really love cobalt blue and I would definitely wear either of these dresses. I think my favorite part of this outfit, however, is the pair of yellow flats.

What do you like most about this outfit?