Coming Soon! Tuesday Link Party for Teachers(+ Great Teacher Blogs)

In honor of my new job, I want to start a link party for all teacher bloggers to share their DIY teacher crafts, classroom decor ideas, teacher outfits, lesson plans/strategies, and more! I welcome all teachers from all disciplines and grade levels! I am all about collaboration and sharing ideas to make school a more effective place for our students.

Here's how it'll work:

  • You'll need to snag this button for your teacher post and/or link back to The Modern Austen/Teacher Tuesdays in some way
The Modern Austen

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  • Next, visit The Modern Austen on Tuesdays (starting July 3rd!) and submit the link to the specific blog post (not just a general link to your blog). You'll have 24 hours to submit your link.
  • Please do not submit giveaways or posts unrelated to teaching/education
  • Also remember, all submissions must be your own work! :) No plagiarism here ;)
  • Make sure you visit other posts, too, or it defeats the purpose of a PARTY! 
I'm really looking forward to learning new ideas and seeing what other teachers are up to.
I'll leave you all with a little inspiration. Here's some of my favorite fashionable and creative teacher blogs I follow already:
  • Along the Lines of Style: This blogger, Whitney, is GOOD. She's got fantastic style (on a reasonable budget, which I love) and such a wonderful personality. I've enjoyed following her blog for months now. Check her out!
  • Tale of 2 Teachers: These two fabulous ladies probably don't even realize I creep on their blog, but I think they are so great! They post their gorgeous outfits daily and make their teaching lives sound like so much fun. I hope I enjoy hanging out with my coworkers as much as they do.
Let me know if you have any ideas or blog recommendations! Send me your feedback or leave a comment below!