Why I've Been MIA for the past week...


I apologize for being so absent the past week and not providing new posts for all of you to enjoy! I promise you I have a good excuse: I got a job. A teaching job! In Pennsylvania! After my first set of interviews!

I am in complete shock over the whole thing. Remember my post, Dear June, when I begged June to land me a job by the end of the month? Well, my wishes came true!

I am so fortunate to have landed this position in a fantastic district in an absolutely wonderful town. It has been an emotional roller coaster, however, and I've cried so much recently over the idea of actually moving out and being on my own. I'm completely scared to leave everything I've ever known and start all over again. It won't be easy, but I will have to rely on my own strengths to get by and start a life for myself.

It's scary being an adult. 

I have a few posts in mind to share about the interview process, like what I wore to my first interview and my second teaching interview, what my portfolio looks like, tips and strategies for getting a job or doing well in an interview. I certainly am no expert and I don't believe I got the job solely because I have the proper skills and experience--much of it is due to luck and timing--but I do hope that I can pass on what I've learned from others and from books I've read.

How is your job search going? I'd love to hear.