DIY: Rainy Day Crayon Canvas Art (Alternative Melting Method)

We've all seen the creative Crayon Canvas art that has plagued Pinterest and many DIY Blogs. Here are some of my favorite:



So, of course, I really wanted to make one for myself.  For the idea in my head, I knew that I didn't particularly care for the crayons showing on the canvas (at least not in this particular idea), that it's really creative to add other elements besides just crayons, and that I adored the silhouette in the last photo.

I decided to do my own interpretation of the last design from Light & Spoon, but I did not want to use the glue gun method, mainly because I didn't have an extra glue gun and I worried that it would be very messy. While I realized that the glue gun method would give me more control over the design, I decided to go ahead with the hairdryer method, but without gluing the crayons to the top of my canvas.

Heres' what I came up with:

It looks more like a drizzle effect, like in the first inspiration photo. And yes, that is an actual picture of me and Aaron, but I added an umbrella. :)

While it pales in comparison to Light & Spoon's, I still really like it and enjoyed making it.

Continue reading to see how I made mine:

Here's the materials you need:

  •  A canvas
  • Crayons
  • A design  **I made mine by altering the photo in Microsoft Word**
  • A glue gun
  • A hair dryer
  • Mod Podge
  • A sponge brush
  • Card stock
  • Painter's tape
  • Saran wrap (not pictured)

Step One: Before you begin, take the time to decide where you would like your design to be. I chose to make my canvas sit portrait and my design rest on the left side.

Step Two: Mod Podge your design on to the canvas. Make sure you Mod Podge a layer over the entire front of the canvas, not just the picture.

Step Three: Figure out what color crayons you need. I chose blues, purples, and grays to depict a rain fall. I then glued these on to a paint stick, with about an inch of the tip hanging off of the edge.

Step Four: Using your card stock and Saran wrap, create a temporary barrier so that the wax will drip around your design.

Step Five: Step up newspaper in a large area. The wax WILL splatter quite far so be prepared. I only glued a small number of crayons to the paint stick and ended up moving it manually around the canvas to have some control over the design and to use fewer crayons.

Step Six: Blow dry the crayons, allowing the wax to drip where you would like it to go. Move your paint stick around to cover all areas you wish. If you make a mistake, simply blow the heat over top of it and it will melt away! 

Once you finish, allow it to dry and cool before hanging or moving.

And there's what it looks like hung up!

I really like that it is personalized for me and that is very simple and quick to make.

What crayon art have you made recently? Share your project on my flickr pool and post a comment below!

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