DIY: Canvas Art Wedding Gift

I had the great fortune of attending a sorority sister's wedding this past weekend as my roommate Ali's date and I had an absolute blast. The bride, Erin, looked absolutely stunning as she married her best friend, Stephen. I am so happy for them!

Being post-grads on a budget, however, Ali and I weren't quite sure what to do for the wedding present. We put our heads together and thought it would be great to create some art for their new apartment that would remind them of their special day.

Here's what we came up with:

Inspired by some of the wedding art on Pinterest, we asked one of the bridesmaids, Diana, what the first dance song was and also Erin's wedding colors ahead of time to create a cute canvas art piece to remind the newlyweds of their beautiful wedding.

Here's how we did it:

Step One: I cut out the lyrics using my Cricut (Cricut Cartridge Plantin Schoolbook 2007; 1.25 inch; low/min pressure; min speed) using freezer paper, glossy side down. Personally, if I did this project again, I would use vinyl and cut or pre-made vinyl letters that can be easily peeled off.

Step Two: Lay out your letters on your canvas in your desired format. Make sure everything fits and make adjustments if needed.

Step Three: Using a ruler and pencil, draw straight lines across the canvas to use as a guide for placing your letters.

Step Four: If you are using freezer paper, iron each letter on to the canvas carefully (make sure the glossy side is down!). My  particular canvas did not have a special coating so the iron did not affect the canvas. However, as stated earlier, I would not use this method in the future. I believe the freezer paper method would be much more effective for larger designs, not letters.

Step Five: Paint over your canvas, using whatever paint colors/techniques you desire. Erin's wedding colors were pink and silver so we decided to do somewhat of an ombre technique, fading the silver into the pink. Make sure you cover the sides of your canvas too.

Optional: You could add a nice ribbon or trim around the edges or so it can hang for an added touch. 

Step Six: Using tweezers, peel off each letter carefully. Make any touchups with white paint. Let dry.

Optional: We ended up painting on the wedding date later on, but next time, I would use the same letters as the rest of the painting so that it matches.

We added a nice personalized message on the back of the canvas so they would remember the artists ;)

And there you have it! A nice, thoughtful gift for the bride and groom.

Have you ever made homemade gifts for a wedding or birthday? Tell me about them!

Don't forget, if you make any projects that were inspired by The Modern Austen, make sure you post a picture on my flickr pool! I just might feature your project in a later post!

Here's some other pictures from the wedding:

Moments Worth Mentioning:

  • I completely wiped out just randomly standing in line to get my place card. Just fell over. Legs flew in the air. Can't stop laughing about it. 
  • The entire place was filled with musicians! Good thing I'm used to being around them 24/7 ;)
  • There was a guy who looked exactly like Beetlejuice. Not kidding. Purple and black striped suit and everything! It was awesome.
  • I realized how much I enjoy being an alum, talking to faculty members and other older alum. Such a great group to be a part of!

Don't you just love weddings? :)

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