Post-Graduation Life: The Positives

It feels like life has been a blur since I graduated from college only two and a half weeks ago. I started this blog, applied for several jobs, made shorts and a wristlet, had a graduation party, and went on vacation! Whew. It's hard to imagine what life will be like at the end of summer. Despite feeling the pressure and stress of finding a teaching job, I have discovered (or rediscovered) some of the pleasures of life:

  • I can finally pursue my crafting hobby. In college, I discovered that I had an eye for creativity and enjoyed making things, but now that I have more time (and this blog for motivation), I can actually make things! I plan on taking an online sewing classwith my mom over the summer.

  • My dream to take ballroom dance lessons is ACTUALLY happening! I have always wanted to take dance lessons, but never had the time or money, and I didn't always have such a willing dance partner.
  • Back in February, however, I bought a Groupon for six dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio(two private, four group lessons)--$29 for a $200+ value!

    This past Saturday, Aaron and I took our first lesson at the Wexford studio. We were both very pleased with how professional and friendly the staff was and we had a fantastic time learning a little bit of fox trot and, our favorite, swing.

    Our instructor, Dana, told us that we were probably the first couple that both had an understanding of rhythm (thank you, band) and how to move to it at the very first lesson. Score!

    If you haven't taken lessons before, I highly recommend that you give it a try! Keep an eye out for Groupons or special deals in your area. It's a nice way to try lessons without committing or spending a lot of money, especially if you have a busy schedule.

  • I forgot that I enjoy bike riding. During vacation, Aaron and I rode bikes around Virginia Beach's state park for about 15+ miles and it was great! I couldn't believe how rocky I was at first, since I hadn't ridden a bike in years, but as they always say--once you learn, you can't forget. I hope that I continue biking for fun and for exercise.

So far, these are only a few things that I've learned about or done for myself.

What have you discovered for yourself recently? I love hearing about new hobbies or ideas! Please share below!