Dear June,


Wow. I can't believe you're here already. If you are anything like May was (which you likely will be), I may go slightly crazy. But that's okay...I enjoy being super busy. What I'm worried about is more of those life-changing experiences that May so generously supplied. You know, like finishing student teaching, saying goodbye to my friends, graduating from college, starting a blog, applying for jobs, and so on? If you're going to bring a major change, please, for the love of God, make it a JOB!  But I realize that to get said job, I'll need to be prepared. And I'll need to go on interviews. And I'll need to update my portfolio. And--AH. I am stressed already!

Good thing you are super nice and letting me go on vacation tomorrow! You are too kind. Or are you trying to get me to like you so that you can attack later? I know you months can be rather fickle...

Oh, yes, I will be starting up my summer job again in just a little over a week. New boss. New program. Should be interesting! I hope you'll make my last day camp pretty great, June. I'm not so sure it will be...

I almost forgot! You really ARE the best. Two weddings in one month. You're officially my favorite.

Don't disappoint me, June.