Sorority Paddles: Ideas and How-To's

I realize that as a college graduate, I no longer have to think about crafting presents for my sorority sisters, like paddles and picture frames, but I am pretty proud of some of the items I have made. I am almost certain that being in Kappa Delta has turned me into a crafter and I could not be more grateful! I know that it may be difficult to find unique ideas for inspiration, especially when it comes to making a paddle so I thought I would post three options: my paddle and the two paddles I made for my littles.

This paddle was created by applying tissue paper for texture and painting over. If you didn't guess, my favorite color is purple :)

Next is the paddle I made for my first little, Deanna. One of KD's symbols is a dagger (don't ask), and Deanna is not much of a girly girl, so this was a perfect choice for her.

On the back, I mod podged KD letters (I printed out a Vera Bradley pattern and traced the letters on top) and a special quote. I also used some glittery stickers.

On the front, I mod podged the dagger toward the top. I created the dagger by printing out a simple dagger shape and filling it in with silver paint pen. I glued on the crest and small letters purchased from my campus bookstore. I later attached a cute green polka-dotted ribbon.

The last paddle I made for my little Emily was a bit more extensive than the last because I decided to be adventurous and try for a print that I knew she LOVED. Given that Lilly Pulitzer had just released her Kappa Delta print during that time, I knew I had to try to use that print somehow. It ended up serving as the entire background on the front of the paddle.

On the back, I mod podged one large quote and two cute scrapbook stickers.

On the front, I originally attempted to carbon copy the design to the wood, but it didn't work, so I free-handed the Lilly design. I printed out an enlarged photo of the design and drew it in pencil first. Then, I traced back over the design with dark green, bright green, and bright pink paint pens. Afterward, I painted and attached large pink letters. I chose a bigger font so that it would stand out on the busy background.

Just for fun, I thought I'd share an AMAZING paddle that my friend Gabby made:

I would LOVE to see pictures of paddles you have made. Send them my way by posting them to my flickr pool!