Welcome to The Modern Austen!

I am thrilled to have you here and to start this blogging journey with you. I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time and, now that I am a college graduate ready to start my teaching career, I am ready to take on this adventure. I am slowly but surely finding my purpose for this blog—I’m thinking a lifestyle, food, style, and teaching blog rolled into one—and hope that it can continue to expand and grow as I meet life’s challenges.

So why would I choose The Modern Austen for the title of my blog? Here’s where the English nerd in me comes out…In college, I wrote my senior capstone project on Jane Austen, exploring why her novels remain timeless and relevant even in the twenty-first century. I also explored how each new age takes Austen and redefines her to meet their needs. What’s great about Austen is that she is not a cookie cutter; she is useful. She is relevant. Austen may touch upon classic themes and ideas, but that’s what makes her so helpful to modern audiences. We all need a little tried and true advice from time to time. (I promise I won’t go into the 30+ pages of my capstone to explain this, but I hope you get the picture!)

Now, I certainly don’t claim to be the modernized version of Austen or even believe I have the authority to give advice or make claims about modern society, but I hope that my blog always maintains the same spirit as Austen’s novels do. I hope it is classic, yet modern, simple, and refreshing, and that it always encourages women (and maybe men, too) to strive for both “freedom and fairy tales,” or rather the independence to live freely without giving up the pleasures of love, friends, and family.

I assure you that all of my posts won’t be as in-depth or serious, but I believe that this purpose and spirit unifies all that I stand for. I am always open to feedback and ideas, so please don’t be shy! It will probably take a while for this blog to stand on its own two feet, so I would appreciate your patience along the way! :)