Wanderlust Revisited

wanderlust |ˈwändərˌləst|noun

a strong desire to travel : a man consumed by wanderlust.ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from German Wanderlust.


I’ve learned two things about myself.

  1. I have been very blessed to travel to a good number of cities, beaches, and special places on this earth, thanks to my family and especially my involvement in organizations such as band.
  2. After a long period of time after a trip, I reflect upon what I did there and how I wish that I could just go back and try again. It’s not that I necessarily regret anything I did or would change anything, but it’s that I realize I am in a different place in life. Going back would mean I could have an entirely new appreciation or understanding of that place. A second chance to learn again.

It’s much like rereading a book or hearing a song years later. Your life experiences have changed you and, therefore, the book or song or place sheds light on something new, something unseen before.

Sometimes I worry that I can’t just be satisfied with the memories I do have. Shouldn’t I just focus on the new places I should visit next?

A year ago, I set foot on Scotland—arguably, the most beautiful place in the world.

I have seen perfection in the Scottish highlands and delighted in a way of life that is steeped in tradition. I loved my time there and the people I was with. But I have this aching feeling in the pit of my stomach to go back—to do things differently, to feel things differently, to appreciate things differently. I hope one day I do have that opportunity.

I do, however, get to revisit Virginia Beach where my Uncle Don lives with my family and my boyfriend in one week! It has been about 12 years since I was there last and I am anxious to see what it will be like now. It has been ages since I’ve gone on vacation and I cannot WAIT.

Do you experience wanderlust or the longing to go back? If so, where would you like to travel to?