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About Marissa

Welcome to The Modern Austen! I’m so glad you found your way to my little corner of the blogosphere. I’m Marissa. I'm currently a career and life coach, but in my free time, I’m always involved in some sort of creative opportunity. You can also find me diving into a good book, looking for the ideal swing dancing partner, swooning over fabulous typography, or doing something ridiculous for blog's sake.

The Modern Austen is a lifestyle and fashion blog committed to merging classic elements and modern touches for the everyday woman through style, DIY, food, technology, budgeting, books, and more–hence the tag line “where classic meets contemporary.” You can read more about my blog’s title here and what it means to be a “modern Austen” here.

I began this blog in 2012 a week after graduating college and it quickly became a place where I could combine all of my hobbies. It has since formed into a living representation of who I am, what I am inspired by, and what I hope to pass along to others. It has brought out the very best of who I am and uncovered various passions I never knew existed. Best of all, I’ve had the chance to meet people like you.

Though I no longer blog here, you can continue to follow along my journey and share yours over at Ampersand. I'd love for you to say hello and share your story!

xo, Marissa